New Square-enix Teaser “CC” Site

Square-enix has launched a new teaser website, tentatively called CC2012. You can see the website here:

As far as I can tell, and this is¬†generally agreed by the tweeted comments, this looks to be an advertisement for a new Crystal Chronicles game. As you watch you’ll see dark, ominous skies and then a few crystals crack and explode. Afterwards you are treated to a few flickers of swords, warriors (appears to be Odin), a ruined city and three characters: an older gentleman, a dark-haired male and a young blonde female. Lastly there is a duel between a young woman and a knight.

Little else is known about this new game in the works except that it’s apparently due out in the Summer, so we’ll see what else we learn about this between now and then.

Review of FFIV: The DS Remake

In a move that most did not anticipate Square-enix decided to remake Final Fantasy IV. Unlike so many of its other so-called remakes, this game actually incorporated enormous changes to its graphics and sound, enhancing (or perhaps reducing, depending on your point of view) the game’s value. This is an distinct contrast to a lot of other ports (not remakes per say) which kept the game mechanics the same but added huge, optional dugenons. I’ll take this opportunity to say what I think of Square-enix’s venture into true remaking in Final Fantasy.