Apple and Valve = New Gaming System?

After Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Valve headquarters in Washington the internet’s been awash with speculation on what that meeting entailed. Valve, well-known for their games Half-life and Portal, have also entered the app gaming market with their platform Steam. The game designer has been long rumoured to be working on a gaming system of their own…could this visit been the start of a collaboration perhaps? Is Apple interested in challenging Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo?

Evidence is mounting. Valve might have refuted the rumour of them jumping into the hardware market before but they also put out an article for a “wearable computer” to “enhance…experiences”…is this to compete against Google’s own announcement of “Project Glass”…the same Google that is in an intense battle of the tech with Apple?

No one knows, but everyone cares and we’ll certainly keep you apprised of any developments.

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